About - Stuart Cullen
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Stuart Cullen is a composer, songwriter, recording artist and interdisciplinary performer. He has worked and collaborated with music producers in Melbourne, Sydney and London and has received multiple plays on local, national and digital radio throughout Australia, as well as featuring on rotation as ‘Indie Clip of the Week’ on ABC Television program Rage.


Currently studying Interactive Composition at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Stuart is enjoying a particularly explorative phase of his artistic career. As he draws upon an expanding array of influences, his artistic output is evolving to incorporate exciting new ways to better engage with audiences. This has led to a recent interest in exploring visual arts, using video multi-projections to enhance his story-telling and draw audiences further into his Geo William ‘retro-future sci-fi’ universe.


Collaborations include a recent exhibition and performance for the Gertrude Street Projection Festival in 2017, amongst other live music and video performance events.


Stuart was recently awarded the Adolph Spivakovsky Scholarship for Composition of Music which will see his piece Post Discovery: A New Universe – written specifically for this award – performed by an ensemble from the Faculty of VCA & MCM later in 2017.


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